The Story

Our story started in Gstaad, the well-known Swiss resort, with a bold vision: to create a place to live – be it for a day or a full season – that would be as intimate as a private luxury home, yet as comfortable as a fully-fledged five-plus-star hotel.

So we created a company and brand that would disrupt the traditional real estate and hospitality sectors, and set the trend in tailored, luxury, private living.

In 2016, our first portfolio property, Ultima Gstaad, was opened, establishing the company’s reputation and brand.

Our strong business model, with professionally managed risk, is a model which reflects today’s technologies, brand values, media, and customer needs. The Company is positioned to fill a niche market between five-star plus hotels and high-end rental properties. It is built on three core pillars: investment, management, and an understanding of market trends.

The Company

Ultima Capital SA is an ultra-luxury real estate company that holds and develops a portfolio of high-end real estate assets in the world’s most prestigious locations.

The Company is developing and establishing a 360° real-estate portfolio, covering premium destinations in winter and in summer, as well as a business offer in the main top cities. It provides multi-purpose retreats allowing ultra-wealthy guests to enjoy the luxury of a five-star-plus hotel with the privacy and high-end experience of a private residence.

Capitalising on trends

The Company is at the forefront of several major trends that are reshaping the realm of luxury accommodation.

Mountain luxury hotels are generally on the rise, the demand of alternative high-end luxury accommodation with a prestigious service standard is growing, the ultra-wealthy population and potential clientele is increasing with shifting priorities, and ultra-wealthy millennials are disrupting existing forms of hospitality offerings.

Ultima Capital SA is in a prime position to capitalize on these trends and to fill a niche market, by going beyond traditional categories of hotels and residences to create a new class of "five-star-plus" offerings with tailor-made retreats for guest.

In addition, the Company combines these alternative high-end accommodations with the Ultima brand in order to create an even bigger appeal for ultra-wealthy individuals.

A hospitality ecosystem

Ultima Capital SA directly manages the acquisition process, the construction and renovation projects, and the furnishing of each property with a high-end level of finishes.

Once a property is completed and fully designed and furnished, Ultima Capital SA delegates the business operations to ULT Management Holding SA.

Ultima Signature Brand

One of the key components of the Company’s overall strategy is to develop the Ultima brand and experience. The Ultima experience is defined by the offering of the finest luxury living across all of the Company’s Ultima branded assets.

The Company intends to establish the Ultima brand in the ultra-wealthy community, particularly with ultra-wealthy millennials with the help of social media.




  • Gstaad, Switzerland – suites and residences 
  • Ultima Capital SA listing on BX Swiss stock exchange
  • Megève, France - chalets
  • Crans-Montana, Switzerland - chalets



  • Mies, Geneva, Switzerland – villa 
  • Corfu, Greece – villa 
  • Courchevel, France – resort



  • Cannes, France – private estate
  • Cologny, Geneva, Switzerland – private residences
  • Quai Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland – apartments
  • Schönried, Switzerland – chalets
  • Gstaad Promenade, Switzerland – chalet

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